Guide: Flying the Crazyflie 2.0 with T-Skin

This guide provides you with everything that is necessary to fly the Crazyflie 2.0 quadcopter with the T-Skin as a controller. The following instructions assume you followed this guide on how to set up your Crazyflie/T-Skin environment.


Used hardware
  • Crazyflie 2.0
  • Crazyradio USB Dongle
  • Z-Ranger deck for the Crazyflie 2.0
  • T-Skin
  • Linux computer with Crazyflie/T-Skin environment already set up
Installation guide
  •  Flash the attached ComunicazioneCrazyflie.ino file to your T-Skin/Tactigon using the Arduino IDE.
  • On your Linux computer, copy both and files to the following directory:
    You have to replace the existing file with the attached one since there were some adjustments needed in order to recognise the T-Skin as an input device. The Crazyflie client (cf-client) allows developers to create custom input interfaces in order to allow further control devices (apart from X-Box and Playstation Contollers) to be used as an input device for the cf-client. The file serves as such a custom input interface, written to receive data sent by the T-Skin. runs every time the cf-client is started and scans for available input interfaces.
  • Adjust the file to your needs. A mandatory step is to replace the given MAC address with the one specific to the T-Skin/Tactigon you use in the following line:
    p = btle.Peripheral("BE:A5:7F:47:54:65")
  • Make sure your computer’s bluetooth interface is powered on and is able to scan for new devices in order to establish a bluetooth connection to the T-Skin in the next steps.
  • In a terminal window, direct to your cf-client installation (crazyflie-clients-python directory) and start the client by issuing the following command:
    python3 bin/cfclient
  • After starting the client, it should be indicated that a connection to the T-Skin/Tactigon has been established and is selected as an in input device (See screenshot below: Connection to the Tactigon is indicated in the bottom left corner).
  • Make sure the Crazyradio USB Dongle is plugged in and the Crazyflie 2.0 is powered on. Use the Scan and Connect buttons to establish a connection between the client and the quadcopter.
  • Assuming a connection has been established you are now ready to control the Crazyflie with your T-Skin/Tactigon device. On the T-Skin, press button 4 to enter hover mode and control Pitch and Roll by tilting the T-Skin accordingly. To land the quadcopter, simply press button 4 again, and hover mode will be exited.

The Crazyflie PC Client

Troubleshooting and issues

If you follow every step there should be no problems establishing a connection between the cf-client and the T-Skin. Also make sure you followed this guide to correctly set up the development environment of the cf-client as well as all steps necessary to ensure compatibility between your bluetooth interface and the T-Skin device. If the cf-client does not recognise the T-Skin as an input device, make sure both your bluetooth interface and the T-Skin are powered on. You should also check if you changed the MAC address in correctly.


Download Files

Download all the files mentioned in this Guide as an archive here .


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